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Now, we’re getting a lot of ventilators in the subsequent brief time period. A lot of ventilators are coming in the next brief time period. We went to the entire corporations; I read their names. They are going to go, I would say, round the clock, Peter. So I have spoken to him a lot — Mayor de Blasio — and we’ve really had extremely productive discussions.

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I guess, some you don’t examine, and so they’re most likely the smartest of all of them. I’m taking from Wall Street people that I’ve identified, that you simply all know.

So I need to depart — go away you by just saying I need to thank you for being here. I want to thank the American public and all the people that have helped a lot. And we’re going to give the rostrum to Vice President Pence, who has been unbelievable. And if he’s drained and if he’s not answering questions like he ought to, we’ve a fantastic reason because he hasn’t slept in about four weeks.

They don’t need cash, they don’t need — I mean, will they get one thing? Peanuts, what they need — compared to what they’d normally get. They’ve actually been — whenever you talk about distancing — social distancing — I mean, you know, it’s — we don’t have a regulation.

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Q Mr. President, you signed a invoice at present the size of which may choke a whole herd of horses. And earlier than you even had a chance to place pen to paper, folks were already speaking about the want for a phase 4. So I wouldn’t inform me what you’re telling — you understand, like being a clever guy.

But, you know, they’re — the younger people have been large. They — a few of them are very pleased to not go to school. But they’ve been — we’ve had no — we’ve literally had no downside. But once more, they need to simply sit back and be very pleased with our country, as a result of we’re doing it for them. You know, in the end we’re doing it for them, more than anything, if you consider it. How are you going to stop folks from going from high-risk areas to low-threat areas?

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I hope that we’re going to have leftovers so we may help different folks, different countries. Because a few of these people need them in three weeks.

He’s requested for, at Elmhurst — I know Elmhurst hospital very well. I mean, that was an space of Queens that I grew up in. And, boy, you talk about an epicenter; that’s actually the epicenter of the epicenter. As far as the mayor of New York, I’ll be trustworthy — I didn’t know him nicely.

He and I are obviously opposite persuasions. And we would go at it, but we didn’t — I don’t know if we ever spoke aside from to perhaps say hello a couple of instances. I did down at the Memorial — World Trade Center Memorial once a long time ago. Q Yesterday, Kellyanne Conway laid lots of the blame for that on the mayor, stating that he informed individuals to go about life as normal and he resisted closing faculties and companies.

I assume that, number one, we’ve distributed — a ventilator is a giant deal. We’ve distributed vast numbers of ventilators, and we’re ready to do vast numbers.

You know, and possibly it’s barely after that, to be sincere. I’m taking the smartest, essentially the most sensible individuals in the world in finance, and they’re going to be dealing. I’m not going to rent — I’m not going to rent anyone that’s by no means done it, that’s a political person or anything else. We’re getting probably the most good financial minds on the planet. I know all of them, and you understand all of them. review

We made the method to delay these checks for a year — quick and painless. As of at present, forty seven states have requested the delay or the waiver, and forty six have been permitted within a 24-hour period. But I need to thank him as a result of he has devoted — I mean, he’s a dedicated particular person — long earlier than this. So I want to thank Mike, all the individuals on the task drive, and FEMA, and Army Corps — everyone.

He was not proud of the folks coming down from New York. You know, they’re flying down from New York, and he had a state — and has a state — with, you know, obviously lots less problems. Florida has been doing rather well within the sense of testing. I imply, they’ll talk to you about that later. I mean, I was presiding over probably the most successful economy in the historical past of the world. And I think we’re going to have an absolute unbelievable fourth quarter.

And yet, they’re really — I assume there’s two issues. And number two, they really are wanting to win this thing. I looked — final evening, I was watching, and I’m looking down Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue. I mean, normally, you wouldn’t be capable of see the sidewalk.